Kuuchamaa Mountain Location: Near Julian, CA along present day Highway 79. North of the historic village Ah-Ha Kwe-Ah-Mac`

Size: 38 acres

Fun fact: The Mosler Property has a functioning orchard on it, and pears and apples grow every year.

The Mosler Property

The Mosler property is part of a cultural landscape of great significance to the Kumeyaay people, who lived in the area until the 1800s. In the late-nineteenth century, the Mosler family acquired the property, diligently stewarding the land and dedicating a small portion of it to Francis Mosler’s beloved apple orchard.Mosler Property

Francis Helen Mosler passed away in 2007, leaving instructions that the property should be remain as open space, and granted title to the Native American Land Conservancy, our sister organization, in 2009. When the KDLC obtained its non-profit status, the NALC granted the land and endowment to the KDLC, making it the first KDLC property.

The acquisition of the Julian property is part of a long-term goal of the KDLC to acquire natural and cultural heritage sites throughout aboriginal Kumeyaay territory. The Julian property, like other prospective acquisition sites and areas, will provide a location for cultural enrichment programs for the Kumeyaay people and help preserve ancestral knowledge. Our plan for the Mosler property also includes special uses for the general public to promote outdoor education programs.

KDLC Mosler Property
Kuuchamaa Mountain

KDLC Sloan Canyon
Mosler Property

KDLC Kuchamaa
Sloan Canyon

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